Vintage Carolina: The Cat’s Meow!

Flapper Days!

Ron_Jan_vintage_2015A wonderful evening at the Community Foundations’ Vintage Carolina celebration. The Baker Barber photos I have been working on this past year were the theme. The images dated from the 1880s thru the 1960s.

Some guests dressed in period costumes. Jan is wearing a dress my mother bought in the 1950s at a rummage sale for 25¢. It is an original flapper dress, at least 90 years old. Covered with lovely beads, making it a bit heavy. It didn’t slow down our dancing though.

She was indeed the “cats meow!



Jan, Charley, & Pam strut their stuff!


I don’t think that is the Charleston!


RonClogging.2015The dance started with Rocky Top. Obviously, Ron couldn’t resist. A fun evening!















Winter Continues

We had a pretty mild winter until about two weeks ago. Just in time for the arrival of our Friendship Force guests from  Ukraine.  It got cold icy, and the roads became nasty for a couple days. But they were a charming group of young medical professionals (4 doctors, 1 attorney employed by a health care organization, an interpreter, and a facilitator.

It was delightful getting to know them and to show them what we had to offer in this area.  We did take them to the Biltmore, where we got to view the 45 Downton Abbey costumes.  The were indeed most exquisite and impressive — at least to the Americans.

911_CenterA highlight for me was the visit to the Buncombe County 911 Call Center.  We were amazed at the state-of-the-art technology. It was much more sophisticated than I expected.