Books by Ron Partin

Classroom Teacher’s Survival Guide (3nd ed.)Partin_cover-2009-web
by Ron Partin

Designed for both new and experienced teachers, this fully updated third edition of the best-selling Classroom Teacher’s Survival Guide offers a practical source of ready-to-use tips and strategies for solving the everyday problems teachers face while organizing and managing a classroom. Replete with behavior management and assistive discipline strategies, this updated second edition includes tested suggestions, techniques, and reproducibles to help you save time and handle problems in scores of specific areas such as classroom routines, motivation, supplies, parent conferences, lesson plans, grading, conflict resolution, testing, team teaching, cooperative learning, homework, open houses, and many more. (Jossey-Bass. 2009).  Also available in Bahasa Indonesian!      Ordering information*

Social Studies Teacher’s Book of Lists (2nd ed.)
by Ron Partin

This unique information source and time-saver for social studies teachers provides more than 550 useful lists for developing instructional materials and planning for students from the fourth through the twelfth grades. This updated and expanded edition contains 200 new lists! For quick access and easy use, all of these lists are organized into seven sections corresponding to seven areas of the social studies curriculum, numbered consecutively, and printed in a format that can be photocopied as many times as required for individual or group instruction. This book is filled with illuminating facts, startling statistics, practical checklists, and relevant research findings which will enhance social studies courses. (Jossey-Bass. 2003).           Ordering information*

Social Studies Teachers Survival Kit
by Ron Partin & Martha Lovett

Provides a unique treasury of practical teaching ideas and activities to stimulate active student involvement in all seven areas of the social studies: world history, American history, American government, consumer economics, geography, psychology, and sociology. Spiral edition, 283 pages. Prentice Hall/Simon & Schuster (out-of-print).



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For over 25 years, Ron Partin has served as a research consultant with Performance Learning Systems® (now PLS 3rd Learning), which has designed and provided high quality graduate courses to over a half million teachers. Ron continually updates the research reviews supporting sixteen of these courses. For a complete listing of these courses and more information about Performance Learning Systems click here.