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Partin’s Pithy Ponderables – advice for living a happy, successful life

Tools for managing your time
TO DO form – pdf file
Have You Been to a Good Meeting Lately? (article for school counselors) – pdf file
Perfectionism bibliography – pdf file
Quotations on perfectionism – pdf file
Failure to plan poster – pdf file
School Interruption Survey – pdf file
Team process check – pdf file
Telephone log – pdf file
Weekly schedule – pdf file

Becoming a peak performer
Helping your boss help you – pdf file
27 Common Mistakes Teachers Make
Goal setting card sort activity – pdf file

Decision making
Enhance Your Decision Making (an article for administrators) – pdf file
Missed predictions

Teaching tips
15 Guidelines for Developing Attention-Holding Lessons (article) – pdf file
First week of school checklist – pdf file
Beginning your class – pdf file
Barriers to effective communication – pdf file
Celebrities Who Taught School
Effective schools research – pdf file
Homework That Helps (article) – pdf file
Hot tips on classroom management – pdf file
Multiple Option Grade Contracts (article) – pdf file
Teacher-Student Inventory – pdf file
Tips for becoming a better listener – pdf file

Tools for managing stress
Stress Indicators
Soothing Sounds

Square Dancing

Ron was invited to give the Keynote address at 2007 National Square Dance Convention in Charlotte, NC. Push the play button to listen.

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