Ron’s Projects

  • Storage Shelves for Brett's Family
    About 20 feet of super storage that Brett and I made in the fall of 2015. Now they are organized!
  • Starting Matt's Shed
    Marai , Jacob, & Aaron, learn about construction. They were very helpful. I mostly cut, measured, and supervised. A fun day!
  • Bowling Green Shed
    Matt and I made this in three days, much of it in a drizzle.
  • Brett's Workbench
    A reproduction of my workbench, that I made for Brett's new home in Cincinnnati. His Christmas present.
  • Stained Glass Window
    This was one of my favorite glass projects. It hung between the kitchen and dining room in our Bowling Green, Ohio. I planned to take it with us, but the buyer begged me to leave it. It belonged in that house.
  • Stained Glass Window
    My first stained glass window. I hung in the master bathroom. What a great way to start the day!
  • My Workbench
    I made a duplicate of my workbench, disassembled it, and took it to Brett's as his Christmas present.
  • Kaleidoscope
    My favorite stained glass project. I had it on my desk at the university, but had to bring it home because I was spending too much time viewing it.
  • Tile backsplash
    In our North Carolina home.
  • A macramé sampler
    My first macramé project. I integrated a woven piece made on an inkle loom I had also made.
  • Double-tiered macramé basket
    My third macramé project. I made ones for my mother-in-law, mother, and wife. Then I started selling them. The very first one was bought by a McDonalds restaurant on Airport Highway in Toledo. It hung under the golden arches for several years. Wish I had taken a better picture.
  • Photo frame
    I make this frame from a very old handrail leading to the basement of my brother's house.
  • Bookshelf
    This was my first serious woodworking project. I fished it in the living room of our apartment in the summer of 1968, shortly after we were married. Brett has it in his basement now.
  • Stained glass piece.
    Photos can never capture the color and sparkle of a stained glass piece. I donated this one to our church's auctions in Bowling Green, Ohio.
  • Squirrel feeder
    A feeble effort to distract squirrels from our bird feeder.
  • Squirrel feeder
    While I was at it, I tried another squirrel feeder. They had to lift the lid to get at the food. Fun watching them.
  • Photo of Triple Falls
    Just a few miles from our house in Dupont Forest.
  • Chalice stained glass window
    This was my parting gift to Maumee Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation (Ohio), which we helped start. I promised to make a window if they would build this church. They use it as their logo now.
  • Bookshelves
    I make this wall of oak bookshelves for my home office in our Bowling Green dream house. An inspiring room for working – and occasional afternoon naps.


Here is a sampling of a few projects I have attempted over the years. Some arose out of pure necessity. Others were products of one of my “independent projects.”