Carl Sandburg Home

Carl Sandburg Home – This National Historical Site is located on 264 acres in Flat Rock.  In addition to tours of the Sandburg Home, visitors can enjoy over five miles of trails, stroll through gardens, and greet the descendants of Mrs. Sandburg’s dairy goat herd.  A typical visit lasts 2 hours. Ron Partin, volunteers to conduct hRon-at-Sandburgouse tours every Saturday morning.


Carl Sandburg’s nomination for the worst word in the English language: exclusive


Link to Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site

2 thoughts on “Carl Sandburg Home

  1. I was discussing with friends the annoying tendency of parents to exclude some children from their kids’ parties, or to allow their kids to do so. That brought to my mind Sandburg’s statement that the worst word in the English language is “exclusive.” Googled that, and lo, and behold, comes up. Very happy coincidence.

    Glad to see you are well and doing this important thing, keeping an American legend fresh and alive.

    Lawrence (“Larry”) Friedman, OHHS ’72

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