The Town Hall

Some of you should not read this story! I suspect that warning assures that most of you will. Proceed at your own risk!

A few weeks after I met Jan, some of my friends decided they must expand my cultural experiences. Knowing I came from a small farm town, they suggested I really needed to visit The Town Hall in big city of Toledo. Sounds like it had something to do with government. No, thanks. We have a beautiful historic courthouse in Putnam County. They assured me this was something quite different.
The Town Hall, built in 1887, was a beautiful historic theater in downtown Toledo. It thrived in the heyday of the vaudeville era. Danny Thomas got his start there as a young boy. It evolved into a successful burlesque house under its owner, Rose La Rose. So this was to be a part of my education. With some trepidation, I went along.

To assure I had the best seat, my friends led me down to the center seat of the front row. Glad I didn’t bring the binoculars! It was quite an eyeful for a Kalida innocent. They obviously didn’t allow photographs, so all I can offer is a stock photo of the exterior of the landmark theater.

With a little hesitation, I told Jan about our visit to The Town Hall. To my surprise, she was quite curious about it all and wanted to see it for herself. She insisted that I should take her to the Town Hall. So, the next weekend, we quietly escaped the campus for a date at the burlesque hall.

This time, we did not sit in the front row, nor did we bring binoculars. But we both had an amusing evening with lot of chuckles and giggles. One of the entertainer’s grand finale was a trick where she twirled two tassels attached to the end of her bra (not sure that is the technical term for that). That was pretty impressive, but the crowd went wild when she got them spinning in opposite directions! Now that takes talent! A real pro.

Not long after our visit, the Town Hall was slated for demolition, though I think that was a mere coincidence. I also wrote an interesting poem about this escapade. I don’t think we’ve ever told anyone about that date!